pd + YellowdogLinux + PBG3

Garry Kling klingg at cwu.EDU
Tue Dec 14 01:26:26 CET 1999

Ok, I'm a brave (or stupid) soul: I've been trying to run Pd on my
Powerbook G3 on YellowDog Linux. So far, I've recompiled PD and it runs.
The sound is far from satisfactory, and I am writing on the off chance
that someone on the list has experience with this or a similar
combination. If you have any tips, however small, my ears are open.
Specifically, sound i/o is the biggest problem. I am using the -frags 4
option, but distortion still takes place. Any help/advice/admonition
will help. Thanks in advance!

Garry Kling
klingg at cwu.edu 

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