Stupid Sin wave question

Guenter Geiger geiger at
Wed Dec 15 11:24:09 CET 1999

Elliot Anderson writes:
 > I need to generate a 60 Hz sin wave and be able to interactively control
 > its amplitude.  I also need to loop it indefinitely.  How can I do this
 > with PD?  I don't know much about DSP so as explicit instructions as
 > possible would be appreciated.

Start PD,
Go to Help->Pure Documentation
then double click at ""
double click on "02.amplitude.pd"

This patch is almost what you like to have, except that you have
to change the "440" after the osc~ to 60.
You can click on the box labeled "set amplitude here in dB" and drag.
This changes the amplitude.

If you still have problems, go through the whole "Pure Documentation"
part sequentially. It really pays off, it`s a lot of fun using pd.

You might save the 02.amplitude.pd patch as a different file with
"save as" and manipulate it further.


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