gem attempting to read to my graphic tablet

James Rojsirivat jamesr1 at
Sat Dec 18 01:40:12 CET 1999

hey, all.

i just bought and installed a graphics tablet to my computer (usb).  now i'm
having trouble with pd/gem.  the first time i used the program after
installing the tablet, pd/gem tried to read to the tablet and thus caused
the computer to slow down considerably--and crash.  i tried to unplug the
tablet, yet the program was still trying to read to it.  even though it is
no longer causing a slow down of the computer, whenever i try to open a
<.pd> file, it simply just crash the system.

i'm on a win98.  i'm thinking about adding on linux as a second os soon, but
for now, what can i do to remedy this?  i have not used the program since.
and because i have already spent hard-earned money on the tablet, having it
complete uninstalled and unused is simply a non-solution.  any help would be
greatly appreciated.


james rojsirivat

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