sexy swap~ing

umläute zmoelnig at
Tue Dec 21 14:07:17 CET 1999

"81.xbrzZ_ItX.502.71" wrote:
> hi.
> just loading -lib zexy, everything seems to be there except for the swap~
> object ...
> its looking for
> swap~.pd_linux
> does it mean that zexy.pd_linux doesnt export that symbol or something?
> --
> >xI>xIoxt¼¼¼¼¢øo+_+_ii<. 26844.03333>->-:=¯:=¯||¹ 9261105555x·x·##-
> 87233.91111y²²ll

Thanks for testing

I haven't noticed this bug yet, since I'm developping (mostly) under
Win32 where this problem has not occured.
The source of all discomfort is, that I instantiated "swap~" via a
"swap_setup" and not via a "swap_tilde_setup" routine, which would be
good code. Since miller implemented another (and completely different)
"swap" objected that uses (correctly) "swap_setup", all these
"swap_setup"s came a little bit "swap_setup" mixed up.

Change the code (replace all "swap_setup"s by "swap_tilde_setup") or
where I fixed this


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