DSP errors under LInux

Karl MacMillan karlmac at peabody.jhu.edu
Thu Dec 30 15:52:26 CET 1999

You can also try the ALSA drivers which are free.  The native PD support
for them is not as good as the OSS support, but they provide excellent
OSS emulation (though there is sometimes a problem with them reporting
full duplex as supported even though it is).


Elliot Anderson wrote:
>         I noticed others on the list having similar errors, but didn't see how
> they resolved them.  I have PD running under Mandrake Linux 6.0 using the
> Opensound drivers with an AWE 32 Soundblaster card.  Everything installs
> ok.  When I try running PD I get the following errors:
> OSS: device Nr. 1 on /dev/dsp
> OSS: failed to open /dev/dsp writeonly
> OSS: requiring extra adc handles
> OSS: failed to open /dev/dsp read only
> advance 13230 samples, samplerate = 4100.000000
> inputchannels = 0, outputchannels = 0
> MIDIlib: Found one MIDI port on /dev/midi
> audio I/O stuck... closing audio and MIDI
>         I had PD running with the drivers that came with my Linux distribution but
> the test sound was "stuttering."   Deciding that it was a driver problem
> and I purchased the Opensound driver.  Now I get this error.  I also have
> PD running fine under NT on the same machine (duel boot system.)  However,
> I need to use serial objects that Guenter wrote for Linux.
> Best,
> Elliot Anderson
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