should toys be part of Pd distribution?

Nicola Bernardini nicb at
Fri Feb 4 00:39:55 CET 2000

Yesterday, Guenter Geiger mi scrisse cio` che segue:

> pd, and putting the basic ones in (expr would be my favorite here).
> As to including graphical objects.
> The ggext graphical objects are currently not really fit to go into pd 
> as they are.
> (But meanwhile I know how I would code them inside pd)
> What I would like to see is a layer over the graphic routines, which
> would make it possible to port pd to other GUI libraries easily.
> This should be easy as code used for graphics is still small.

well, you are certainly much more aware of what is going on inside pd
than I am, so I'm ready to reconsider the idea... Still, it would be nice
to provide some packaging form for externals, somewhere on the net...


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