Pd distribution

Karl MacMillan karlmac at peabody.jhu.edu
Mon Feb 14 20:38:07 CET 2000

Well, I started working on a PD 'distribution' today - I was waiting to
see if there was going to be some consensus about all of this, but I
guess not.  If anyone does not want their externals included please let
me know.  So far I have had quite a few problems.

I cannot open externals from ggext (or I presume any other set of
externals compiled into a single object file) without putting a dummy
ggext object on the page.  I know that this was discussed before, but
there was no resolution that I remember.  There are two solutions that I
see: compile externals into individual files for each object or have a
folder like Opcode Max that holds externals that are loaded at startup. 
It seems that the first solution is easier and it is more intuitive to
the user (you can see what objects are available by looking in the
folder rather than having to remember what ggext contains).  I don't
think the dummy object is acceptable - the point of me doing this is to
make things integrate seamlessly.

The zexy externals will not compile for me - make says "makefile:4: ***
commands commence before first target.  Stop."  I started to hack on the
makefile, but thought I would see if I am missing something obvious
first.  Any ideas?

sfplay on linux seems to require absolute paths though the help file
seems to imply that it will look in the current directory first (haven't
checked NT yet).  Is this is a portability issue or am I just making a
wrong assumption?



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