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Karl W. MacMillan karlmac at peabody.jhu.edu
Thu Feb 17 01:26:51 CET 2000

> Karl MacMillan wrote:
> > 
> > I cannot open externals from ggext (or I presume any other set of
> > externals compiled into a single object file) without putting a dummy
> > ggext object on the page.  I know that this was discussed before, but
> > there was no resolution that I remember.  
> there is one solution :: using the "-lib" flag

I thought that you could only specify -lib once - perhaps I am mistaken.
I will try when I get home.

> as i indicated previously, i would highly recommend to create something
> like the "package require" in jmax. this would fix the problem with the
> dummy objects; maybe there could be a kind of "library objects" (in
> opposition to the command-line based jmax); but i am too lazy to do it
> myself

Well, I am trying to sell PD to a lot of Opcode Max users and I don't
think they would be happy with the package require solution of jmax (which
requires the editing of config files) though this is not in and of itself
a reason not to go with that solution. Is there a major drawback to the
external folders scheme in the current Opcode MAX?  Whatever final
solution there is I am convinced by your arguments that object writers
should be able to create packages. As far as dependencies go, my hope was
to have all of the externals available (that are well tested of course)
included in a standard distribution, so any custom ojects would be well
known to the user and would make it into the next release.  This is what I
see as one of the advantages of the opensource PD over Opcode MAX.

> i cannot reconstruct this problem, for me it works fine on Win95, WinNT
> and linux:debian; i haven't tried irix
> but maybe there are some <space>s at the and of the line ?
> again i cannot reconstruct this; here on debian it works fine with
> relative directories (personally i haven't tested it on NT, but i hear
> that it did a half-year installation very well on this os)

I will check the spaces.  One of the good things about me doing this,
then, is that all of this code is getting tested on some other distros.  I
use redhat and suse regularly.  As far as Irix goes - I am still working
on access to some machines so I haven't tested it.

> by the way:: i checked the linux-version of zexy and cleaned it a little
> bit up; there WERE some quite dirty messages when compiling (though no
> errors); i hope i could fix the time object too, although i still get
> the wrong local time on my machine (on NT/95 it works); if you have this
> problem too (or not), i would be pleased to be informed

I will let you know.  Thanks for the info.


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