texturing video onto rectangular area

umläute zmoelnig at iem.mhsg.ac.at
Mon Feb 21 11:35:43 CET 2000

> James Rojsirivat wrote:
> hello,
> i'm working on a project and need some advice.  in the gem_movie.pd,
> the example has the movie file textured onto the <cube> object...in a
> version of the same project i'm working on, i used the <square> object
> onto which my file is textured.  However, ideally, i'd like the movie
> to retain its shape.  in the current version i'm working on, i have
> the <pix_movie> object connected to a <polygon> with an argument
> of <4>.  the x y z coordinates are assigned so that z = 0.  the
> problem is that when i render, i can't get anything to show up on the
> screen.  what am i doing wrong?  i'm including the video section of
> the program.  any help is greatly appreciated.

i think the way you are treating coordinates is a little bit confused...
in your demo you create a window that is sized 600*400 PIXELS.
then you are using these numbers (600, 400) as arguments for your
polygon, which will definitely produce something you don't want (ever
tried tor create a square with a dimension of 600 ? - a little bit
huge...i will mostly use sizes of 1 to 4)
when you change the points of your polygon to range below 10 (scale it
by 1/200 that's 3 for 600, 2 for 400) you will (hopefully, though i am
not very sure) get what you want

> also, is there a way to create a CASE like statement in pd?  i'm using
> <moses> at the moment, and it seems awfully clunky.
> james

that was bothering me too, but i do think there are elegant solutions
using relational-operators (in the case of an exact "case" just use
"==") and "select"


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