pd crashes when hitting backspace/

pix at test.at pix at test.at
Thu Jun 1 02:33:30 CEST 2000

i get this in linux too. although it seems to happen in fewer circumstances since
0.30 (maybe earlier). it seems to only occur if you sucessfully create an object,
then edit it (ie, get to the point where you can edit the text in the box) and
then delete all of the text.

if you just click on the object and hit backspace straight away, it is removed

in earlier versions, it seemed that most uses of the backspace key caused a
crash - but maybe i ahve just modified my editing habits.

>the following error occured on a win98 se system using the latest pd release

>*when i entered backspace, with the cursor in a object box (not a new
>one- the bug always just appeared when renaming object boxes)
>the program always crashed when the old text has been erased and the box has

>been left empty...

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