again:: joystick

umläute zmoelnig at
Thu Jun 8 09:39:58 CEST 2000

hi miller, hi all 

is the joystick object mentioned here on the list some weeks ago
available somewhere ?

we would desperately need it inan installation next week....

another topic::
externals that are included with pd (e.g.: all the "extra"-stuff, some
audio examples (the "shift" objects), seem to have very inconsistent
par example: you cannot create the demo-externals in doc/6.externs when
compiling pd (although the "make all" option seems to try to do so)
because "makefile.linux" is missing in the doc/6.externs directory ::
instead of "make -f makefile.linux" the proper way to install these
would be "make -f makefile pd_linux"
by the way :: is it absolutely necessary to use absolute paths in
makefiles (like /usr/people/msp/pd/pd/src or /home/msp/pd/src); it is
quite inconvient to edit all the makefiles seperately; maybe we should
define a global make-variable somewhere, or just use relative paths
these are surely "minor" bugs, but quite annoying

cheers, have fun, mfg.dsa.a

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