delwrite/vd question

sfogar at sfogar at
Tue Jun 13 16:16:48 CEST 2000

Hi everybody,

I'm developing my new installation with pd under Linux but I notice a 
strange behaviour.

I'll try to explain it...

When, in patchers which use delwrite~+vd~, there is no audio flowing, 
the cpu utilization increases. 

For example, you have a patcher which reads a sample, plays it through 
a chorus or a reverb, the audio goes to a dac~, when the sample is 
played, the cpu utilization is at a certain level, when the sample is 
not played, the cpu utilization increases.

Is this normal ? Am I wrong ? Is there a possible workaround ?

I'm using an RME Hammerfall 9636.


Alessandro Fogar

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