question to the sampler example patch

Norbert Math math at
Wed Jun 14 20:45:44 CEST 2000

matthias tarasiewicz wrote:
> i wanted to enhance the sampler example patch included in the last
> version of pd but had problems to apply some objects to let the user
> choose the file that is sampled from....
> in max this is very easy, but i couldn't figure it out on pd..
> maybe someone knows how to solve this problem -

i guess you want a fileselector box for opening/saving samples.
look at the documentation of openpanel, savepanel and soundfiler.

e.g. for opening files, you could do:

message: "bang" --> openpanel --> message: "read $1 array1" -->

(assuming you created an array called array1 to hold the sample)

hope this helps


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