multiple channels in pd

Nick Fells n.fells at
Thu Jun 22 13:33:05 CEST 2000

"[L] matthias tarasiewicz" wrote:
> how do i use multiple channels out of pd -- i am planning to use 2 or 3
> soundcards and wanted to know if it is possible to use the different
> dsps out of pd ... (linux)
> any other ideas of using multichannel?
> thankyou
> mt


Sorry, this is not exactly an answer to your question: in fact it's
another related question.

I seem to remember there is some experience among members of this list
of the RME soundcards under Linux, and using them with PD.

Has anyone successfully achieved multichannel i/o using an RME card and
PD (Linux)? It seems to me one of the RME cards is probably the best way
to go, in terms of h/ware spec and driver support, but if anyone has
other ideas....

At the University of Glasgow here we are interested in setting up a Pd
box to do some sound spatialisation stuff. If anyone has any info or
experience in this area, I'd be interested to share ideas/problems as
we'd really like to get this going quickly.



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