several bugs, etc. in pd 0.31 linux

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Sun Jun 25 16:40:51 CEST 2000

 |a. i wanted to have a slider that has a range that could be set per inlet --
 |i didn't get that with ggext sliders - some ideas how to do this?

 multiply the slider's output ,
 set range in * right input ?

 |b. i had the problem, that the state object from the ggext library did not
 |work properly - sometimes it restored the saved values but most of the time
 |it restored always the same values, that had never been stored before
 |(mostly zeroes)

oehr, is it possible state gets confused, when you add number boxes and stuff
_after_ placing the state object and saving a state .. ?

 |c. it would be very helpful to have a list of all (or at least the most
 |important) objects and created patches available - with a short discription
 |--maybe it would be a great idea to have an archive in the web where all
 |these are listed with links (all on one and not on 5000 different sites)

go ahead and do it.
i can't even manage to document and put up my 'own' objects ..
but sure, it would be GREAT! ;)

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