several bugs, etc. in pd 0.31 linux

Guenter Geiger geiger at
Sun Jun 25 18:23:26 CEST 2000

[.] matthias tarasiewicz writes:
 > i experienced some bugs in pd verision 0.31 unter linux, here is a short
 > list

 > 2. after some time running pd, i couldn't save an opened patch with several
 > pages under "save as" -- pd always told me "open: no such file or directroy"
 > or something like that

 is this reproducible ? Did you try to save the patch in the same
 directory as the original patch, or has it been a new patch ?
 > 3. i saved a patch with several pages and some sliders from the ggext
 > library and after loading that patch it came up with no connections between
 > the objects and no sliders at all

 what did they pd console (=terminal window) say. Normally it issues
 warnings if it can't cerate objects or if connections fail.
 Has this been the case ... was ggext loaded ?

 > 4. i also had the problem once, that pd overwrote a patch that had pages
 > with ident names (i saved the patch under "save as" before -but the pages
 > still had the same name) -- after saving all and reopening the patches, the
 > files were ident

 if you want to save a "page" ("page" means a pd subwindow which was
 created with the "page" or "pd" object), you always save the parent
 patch of the page together with all its subpages .. pages are part of
 the parent patch. If you want to isolate them from the parent, you
 have to create a new patch with "new" and copy/paste the pages

 .. I'm not sure if that solves the problem you had, because I didn't 
 really understand it.

 > questions
 > a. i wanted to have a slider that has a range that could be set per inlet --
 > i didn't get that with ggext sliders - some ideas how to do this?
 > b. i had the problem, that the state object from the ggext library did not
 > work properly - sometimes it restored the saved values but most of the time
 > it restored always the same values, that had never been stored before
 > (mostly zeroes)

 The state object really has a problem if you use symbols, this is
fixed in the upcoming release. 

And, as ost mentioned, saved states from "old" patches set all later added
numberboxes to zero.

If your problem doesn't fall into these two categories, then I have to
know in which reproducible cases state fails.
On my side it rather looks like that most of the time state succeeds,
and only sometimes fails.

Ah, and yes, if you use more than one state object, you have to give
it a name, otherwise it will get confused.


 > c. it would be very helpful to have a list of all (or at least the most
 > important) objects and created patches available - with a short discription
 > --maybe it would be a great idea to have an archive in the web where all
 > these are listed with links (all on one and not on 5000 different sites)

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