Glitches with linux PD

Nick Fells n.fells at
Wed Jun 28 15:01:44 CEST 2000

Well, yes the Pinnacle works just fine using the -frags flag, though it
'blue-screens' doing duplex under NT (this is a Pinnacle driver problem
which is not restricted to PD; it has proven to be a nightmare for us

Re: the mouse problem: I'm using a PS/2 mouse on both machines. Don't
know if that elucidates anything. As you say, could be to do with using
the ISA bus, I hadn't thought of that.


Guenter Geiger wrote:

> Hm, really, this "mouse moving" feature smells, as Michal pointed out,
> like it being a hardware problem. OTOH for modems and mice this is
> common, as "serial mice" and modems both use the serial port, and
> these interrupts are shared for ports > 2.
> Could be an "ISA card feature", which leads to the question of ISA
> PNP configuration.
> Guenter
> BTW, glad to hear the fijii/pinnacle does work in some way.

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