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Mon Jul 10 11:30:19 CEST 2000

thanks for the numerous answers to my virtual midi dev question.
Got it running. Initially I thought midiindev would be the plug INTO pd, but now I realized that midioutdev is the input.
Not really intuitive, I think. Setting midiindev still doesn't work, by the way, so I can't output midistuff internally with pd.
Some new questions:
Don't know if I understand the camera object correctly. I only get it to work if I put it into a gemlist and then it only works for that single gemlist.
Is it possible to get it working globally, for all gemlists and subpatches? The camera should influence the perspective of the complete scene, of course...
Also I am having trouble with a pix_multiimage in a patch. 
The patch consists of one gemhead with 4 separators downstream that split to 4 squares.
2 of those squares get textured with a pix_multiimage, each. The 2 multiimage objects live on the same set of images.
When adding the second multiimage the first one stops iterating through the images. Same metro, different counters for the 2 objects.
It only shows the first image, while the second multiimage works just fine.
Any ideas? Does multiimage work at all with split gemlists?
Is there any documentation available concerning data structures and the use of pointers?
Would it be possible to load images on events, flushing memory from previously loaded files while the patch is running?

Lots of questions, hope they are not to trivial ... :-)


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