pd/gem install troubles

0000-Admin(0000) gert at test.at
Fri Jul 14 18:59:47 CEST 2000

do you have the "flex" package installed? otherwise you find it in 
dev on the suse distribution.


At 00:29h +0200 14.07.2000, michael aschauer wrote:
>hi all,
>had some trouble installing pd/gem
>1. pd/winnt (fresh-installed os): when calling pd nt-shell returns: 
>"socket: unknown error <10044>". anyone experienced this?
>2.gem/linux: building the auxlibs for gem (on a new 
>suse-distriution) fails when reaching the line with the command 
>"flex -CF -PyyOBJ tdOBJ.l"... - not found. not known.
>thanks for help,



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