Compiling GEM under Linux

Guenter Geiger geiger at
Sun Jul 16 20:26:17 CEST 2000


the message you get for liborb seems cryptic to me too.

Can you "cd" to "src/AuxLibs/liborb", then do a "make clean" and a 
"make" ? .. and send me the output again (if it differs).

Maybe your Makefile in liborb is corrupted somehow, 
so I'm attaching a new one, you might try it instead, althoug I don't
know how it could have happend.


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Martin Marier writes:
 > Hi list,
 > 	I'm trying to compile GEM 0.83 for linux (downloaded from Guenter's
 > site).  But I can't even create the makefile...
 > 	When I try to compile the libs included with GEM, I get this (error)
 > message :
 > ', needed by `orb.o'.  Stop.rget `orbserial.h
 > make: Nothing to be done for `lib'.
 > make: Nothing to be done for `all'.        
 > 	As you can see, TD and PARTICLE are OK, but LIBORB doesn't compile and
 > therefor, the configure script cannot find that lib.
 > Can anyone help me ?
 > At least telling me what that line means :
 >   ', needed by `orb.o'.  Stop.rget `orbserial.h
 > Thanks,
 > Martin Marier

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