Hi all

Gabriel Maldonado g.maldonado at agora.stm.it
Sat Jul 22 09:30:54 CEST 2000

Hi there,
i've just joined to the PD list; I'm a computer-musician-developer
mainly using Csound (see my home-page) but I want to expand my view to
other tools. I'm completely new in PD/MAX/jMax environments and I really
want to know what are their possibilites. 
I'm interested in swapping ideas in both visual (PD/MaxMsp/jMax) and
non-visual (Csound/SAOL/SuperCollider) worlds of synthesis tools. 

I have the impression that PD is the most interesting tool of the visual
world, because of its introduction of graphics-oriented unit-generator

What are the peculiar features of PD with respect of concurrence (i.e.
jMax/MaxMsp) other than the language used to dovelop it? Are PD
documents somewhat compatible with Max/jMax ones? What does "Pure Data"

Best regards

Gabriel Maldonado

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