What are the peculiar features of PD....

Ricardo Climent zumix at yahoo.com
Sun Jul 23 19:03:49 CEST 2000

Gabriel Maldonado wrote, 

What are the peculiar features of PD with respect of concurrence
jMax/MaxMsp) other than the language used to develop it? 
Hi Gabriel, 
MSP is based on Miller´s PD. MaxMSP runs only on Macintosh
Platforms and PD is multiplatform, Linux, LinuxPPC, Irix, etc
and W-NT where you run DCsound. I am mainly a MaxMSP user but I
think PD will overtake MaxMSP soon due to its portablility and
free distribution, specially if its cummunity of develpers and
users increase. I have not tryed Gunter´s GEM yet 'cause I had
problems finding all libraries needed for my LinuxPPC
distribution. I should install the debian one.
To write external objects for PD seems to be relatively easy for
software developers like you, for me it is being a nightmare by


Ricardo Climent.



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