Pure Data

Claude Le Berre leberre at convergence.de
Mon Jul 24 19:04:02 CEST 2000

Gabriel Maldonado wrote:
> Could anyone explain me what "Pure Data" stands for?
> Is it possible to actually compose music with PD? In which way are
> complex scores handled by PD?
> Why NN is against PD?
> Excuse me for the trivial questions, but I'm really new.
> --
> Gabriel Maldonado
> http://web.tiscalinet.it/G-Maldonado

PD? Communication between datas?
It is possible to make la musique with PD.
There a no concepts of sco or orc, in PD,
but it is possible to make it run in the way you want.
PD is interaction between objects (audio or data objects).

NN position is soupe-version, just warning of
"l'eugenisme artisticotechnologique", really good
point of view... anyway I believe in OpenSource,
and therefore I hope every objects programmed in the
future for PD should be released in GPL : Miller
should change the license in this way.


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