gem-0.84 again

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Mon Jul 24 17:30:36 CEST 2000

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<snip - a bunch of stuff about pix_snapshot>

  I am putting together some example patches for pix_snapshot.

<snip - nvidia drivers>
> headers, and indeed, Gem looks far more stable (especially when
> destroying the Gem-window-context; this led to crashes on the 
> old hybrid mesa/open-GL GEM is used

  This is good news.  I didn't think that I was doing anything wrong in the
OpenGL context is nice to know that it is probably just the

<snip - GLenum stuff>

  I do not have any casts in my original Win32/IRIX sources.  What is the
exact format that Linux wants? I will put that into the main source code.

  For those of you keeping score, I haven't released gem-0.84 yet.  I know
:-(  Must finish gem-0.84...not...enough...time...

Later, Mark

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