ambisonic spatialization

Richard Dobson rwd at
Thu Jul 27 23:55:52 CEST 2000

That looks very interesting indeed!

Will you be posting this to the sursound list (who are very enthusiastic
about ambisonics)? Otherwise, I will gladly do so.

Richard Dobson

forum::für::umläute wrote:
> i have put a spatialization-engine that uses ambisonic on our
> ftp-server::
> features :
> 3d-ambisonic (horizontal plane :: 3rd order ambisonic; vertical plane
> 1st order ambisonic)
> modular architecture :: for easy implementation of any number of virtual
> sound-sources
> 3d-reverberator
> 16 channels out (so you'll need a hammerfall-card)
> have fun
> iohannes

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