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Fri Jul 28 17:26:48 CEST 2000

Dear Iohannes

> the patch is designed for 16 outputs, so you have to get 16 channels 
> of the computer somehow; since the hammerfall card does so, the only
> problem is to convert the 16 digital channels to 16 analogue. 
> you'll need 2 8ch-ADAT-DACs.

Ok, but my goal is a little less ambitious: 4 channels ambisonics.
You know, at home I can't afford more than 4 speakers.
> speakers 1..4 are up, spk 13..16 are down, while spk 5..12 are 
> only; 
> so the easiest way to get an 8-channel version would be to map the
> output channels 5..12 of the current patch somehow to the dac~ 1..8;
> since both ouput-channel "LS<n>" and dac-channel "<m>" are passed to 
> speaker~ object as creation arguments it should be fairly easy:: 
> of "speaker~ LS1 1" this should read then "speaker~ LS5 1" and so on;
> so you lose the 3rd dimension (no z-axis) and have 3rd-order ambisonic
> in the horizontal plane; be sure to keep the elevation theta of all
> virtual sources at 0 (so do not make 3dimensional moves in a
> 2dimensional room)

I'll try, is this the same to obtain a g-format ambisonic mix ?

And, could I obtain also a (super) stereo ambisonic mixing ?


Alessandro Fogar

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