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integer at integer at
Sun Jul 30 17:25:31 CEST 2000

>Hi all,
>I recompiled the ggext library (under Win98) and at startup PD console
>shows the following warning:
>error: envgen_sustain: only 5 arguments are typecheckable; use A_GIMME
>GGEXT: Guenter Geiger
>GGEXT: ver: unknown
>GGEXT: compiled: Jul 28 2000
>What is A_GIMME?

a+g!mme = !nd!kat!v du = u!sh 2 b g!vn an! t!pe ov data
+ u!l b t!pe chek!ng argz zelv.

!.e. p+d != u!l t!pe.chek!ng dze data.


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