ggext warning

umläute zmoelnig at
Sun Jul 30 20:46:51 CEST 2000

> error: gemwin_color: only 5 arguments are typecheckable; use A_GIMME
> > error: envgen_sustain: only 5 arguments are typecheckable; use A_GIMME

> > What is A_GIMME?

these are signs of "bad" source-code (although I think, it used to be
"good" code sometimes, but since miller changed the main-sources

i means that when writing externals, you can define lists of various
types (eg.: float symbol float float) that are passed to an object (at
creation time).
if the "size" of such lists is less than five, you can have pd check the
types for you; i f the passed arguments are fitting into the predefined
type-list, everything is ok, else the object won't be created (par
example: you want an object "myobject" to have 3 arguments:
name(symbol), length(float) and index (integer); the object then has to 
be created like "myobject hullo 12345 2"; if you try to create a
"myobject how are you" this will result into an error, and no object is
if the "size" of such lists exceeds the number "5", you (the programmer)
have to do a little workaround, that is :: use a A_GIMME; this is a list
of atoms of various types; you then have to check the types by yourself,
during the initialization phase; (par example typing "myobject how are
you" will create an object, no matter which types (here 3* symbol) are
passed; the object may (or may not) do a check and return an error to
the console)

but anyhow, as a mere user this shouldn't bother you; but i think
programmers should try to clean up their codes (although they certainly
get the same error messages and should have been warned !); i think Gem
has got this solved by 0.83, but i don't know about the ggext


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