Mac distribution for pd and GEM?

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Wed Aug 2 22:58:44 CEST 2000

 |	Does anyone have any experience, or know if it is possible to get both pd
 |and GEM to work on a Mac G4?

pd + gem run in linuxppc ..
if the g4 runs any linuxppc, check hardware compatibility lists,
it will do. full duplex with kernel drivers doesnt +?, dont know how this is
with alsa on mac ...

 |  The artist intents to purchase a mac for
 |purposes other than running the installation.  Has anyone had any success
 |with pd and GEM on a mac?  Which distribution?

success = yes
distri = any +? debain,linuxppc, yellowdog, suseppc ...

6871195555:=¹:=¹yy. 87300.28888 

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