gem-0.84 for Win32 is out

Mark Danks mdanks at
Mon Aug 7 17:27:49 CEST 2000

  Against all odds, GEM 0.84 for Win32 is out.  You can get it at the usual

  A lot of bug fixes, new example patches, new objects, etc.  The release
notes are at the end of the email.

  Please let me know if there are any bugs or issues.

Later, Mark

= mdanks at
= Lead Programmer PS2
---------------------------- 0.84 -----------------------------
I long time ago, I changed the behavior for gemhead, so that
matrices where automatically restored, etc.  However, this 
broke the camera object.  Use the view message to gemwin

Fixed a bug in GemMan.  If you didn't use "border 0" and you 
requested a window size with "dimen # #", then the window
size was likely to be wrong.  This is now fixed.

Fixed a bug in the view message to gemwin.  There was an offset
which should not have occured.  You might need to change your
view messages to account for it.  Just subtract 4 from any
Z values.

There are some examples for pix_snap in
		examples/gemAdvanced/gemPixSnap.pd - Single buffered example
		examples/gemAdvanced/gemPixSnap2.pd - Double buffered
Keep in mind that pix_snap is a fairly slow operation...I also fixed
a nasty memory bug which could easily cause crashes.

I added Miller Puckette's pix_video for linux into the
code base.

If you load a movie in pix_movie with an open message, the
object will output the number of frames to the right output.  This
will not work if you have a "pix_movie homer.avi" for your object
since the output message cannot get processed correctly at

The disk object has an inlet on the rightmost side for the
inner radius...turning the disk into a ring.  If the inner
radius value is just 0., then the disk is just a circle.

Fog can be turned on in gemwin.  Look at
for examples.  The various control messages are documented
in the gemwin.pd help patch.

These next objects are thanks to hannes - mailto:zmoelnig at
Added OpenGL material objects -
		ambient, ambientRGB, diffuse, diffuseRGB, emission,
		emissionRGB, shininess, specular, specularRGB
  They provide much greater control over the color of objects.
Look at
for examples.

Guenter found a bug in the ortho object.  It is now fixed.  The
ortho object has the same general unit size as the normal
perspective matrix.  Look at
for how to use the object.

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