Gem Rendering

Gabriel Maldonado g.maldonado at
Sat Aug 12 16:50:29 CEST 2000

Two questions about GEM.
1) is it possible to enable/disable rendering of some object chains
selectively, in order to economize CPU time? I ask this because some
geos could be visible at a certain moment, while other could  be visible
in other moments. I'd like rendering time to be totally under the user
control, because CPU and DSP acceleration resources are obviously
limited. Sending message 0 and 1 to "gemhead" object helps?  What about
init gemhead with an argument different from 1 (for example "gemhead 20"
that is used in some example).
Is switch~ object also useful in this case?

2) Is it possible (or will it be possible) to record GEM video rendering
to AVI/mpeg (or even other video formats) files on the hard disk? This
would be great for further video processing purposes.

Thanks in advance and congratulation for both PD and GEM, very
impressive tools!


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