Gem and texture size

umläute zmoelnig at
Thu Aug 17 00:08:10 CEST 2000


>   You could use a single pix_image/pix_texture with separator to do this...I
> have done it a lot in the past.
>   The reason that pix_image doesn't share the actual texture data is that
> you can modify the pixel data with other pix objects...pix_image doesn't
> actually send the texture data to the gfx card, pix_texture does.
ah sure - this is very logical
the problem with the separators is, that it makes modular programming
(abstractions via patches) uncomfortable.
i do not think, that it is a very good idea, to send the
GemList-pointers via send/receive (on the other hand:: this looks like a
good idea, now that i write it...) couldn't switch on/off the geos
seperately (but then i had problems doing so when using long-time
(weeks.months) gem-things

and i didn't think of manipulating the pixdata


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