audio ?

_-¯-_ jdl at
Sat Aug 19 02:29:33 CEST 2000

 |Hello I'm totally new to the program and also new to PC (always been a mac
 |user). I'm trying to figure out PD. 
 |Now my firsat (probably real easy) question is: how do I get audio from
 |e.g. CD in the program ? 
 |this adc~ thing ? and how to set it up ?

actually i ve never tried adc~ and setting input to cd or aux ?
this should work ? need to check this .. ;)

cdparanoia -Z -B
and play the files thru sfread~ ..

 |So that I can just have a few audio tracks to maybe live sample or just
 |turn off and on...

so chello is .nl as well ?

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