the permission to write to a body project

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Wed Sep 6 01:54:54 CEST 2000

kurt ralske

>hmmm hmmm
>well yes Istvan Kantor had some very loud and relentless file cabinets
>+ some dodgy footage in an imovie object,
>controlled by sensors in the file cabinet drawers
>(top drawer == location, next down == loop legnth)
>yes lots of loud and relentless file cabinets....
>is '80s vintage non-differentiated anti-authoritarian angst-scream
>better than nothing? yes of course, of course.
>fascism or anti-fascism makes a fine spectacle --
>but he who lives by it, dies by it....
>still: I.K. didn't deserve to be physically attacked!

how does
permission to write to a body
differ from permission to write a body's interpreter.

>his attacker was....very upset! deeply offended!

the file cabinets wrote to `her` body's interpreter.
`her body` responded by seeking hiz body's interpreter [rather than `hiz body`]
she correctly identified the file cabinets as istvan kantor's body.

she is non culpable of attacking istvan kantor's body \ physically.
he is. 

      give life. friendly nn.

      Najzanimljiviji su se pokazali izgredi publike
      za vrijeme performance-a i predvanja (amerikanka je progonila 
      Istvan-a Kantor-a nakon njegova performance prijeteci mu davljenjem :)

>an insult to austria! you come here and show us _this!

      Electroloby se pokazao zanimljivo mjesto za susret u privatnijem okruzju 
      (posebno ekipe koja se bavila <a href="">Netockom</a> 
      i Nato-om)<li>

>hopefully I.K. has the insight (and/or egotism) to realize
>that for a work to invoke such a violent response is actually
>a compliment of sorts (shades of le sacre du printemps!)
>the poor felow deserved to be able to enjoy the audience's
>very good response to his work...+ not be punched in his moment of glory!
>after all it perhaps represents, hmmm, 2000 minus 1983....17 yrs of his life.

no one is ever born. one is networked.    

lv+.nn.  z!mpl! SUPERIOR.

m9ndfukc.macht.fre! _||-

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crossposting as reading is an art related to sex
                m   `our` bod!ez = dze boundaries of `our` network.

          where you network says a lot about you

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