Granular Synthesis with PureData

Nicolas Leveille knos at
Mon Sep 11 09:56:49 CEST 2000

Hi all, 

I'm just in the process of discovering/learning the PD 
programming language, so please forgive errors from my part..

I'm trying to build a granular synthesis instrument solely in a
P_D_ patch .. The grain generator is supposed
to be of the quasisynchronous grain generator type:

in short, the current system is something like: (pseudo code)

  signal part  envelope part

              bang      .. variable/random rate here (= grain density)
   _            ._     _
  |osc~|        | metro |  
     :           :
     :        initiate reading from an envelope table
     :        with a specified grain duration
     :           .
     :            .
     :           subsequent tablereads~ at the given rate.
     :         ...      
     :     ...
     _  _..
    | *  |    

(for anyone interested, the env is a gaussian)

so my problem is that I can't generate (and mix) overlapping
grains that way, because I can have only one 'envelope reader'

Is this a limitation of the language, is my approach naïve, 
are there any way to do what i would like to do or should
i code an external object to do the job?


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