Hammerfall card problem [seems ok, but weird..]

Guenter Geiger geiger at epy.co.at
Tue Sep 12 13:50:16 CEST 2000

Nick Fells writes:
 > Hi again,
 > Well, more on this one: I downloaded the latest version of Winfried
 > Ritsch's Hammerfall driver and installed it. His test program works
 > better now (I can get the test tone playing from each channel of the
 > card in turn, without it crashing).
 > Also, PD works in multichannels: I can open patches, do all the usual
 > things, modify the test audio patch to write to dac 3 and dac 4 etc...
 > fine.
 > But I still get the reports below, and the 'errors' box still goes red:
 > I understood this to mean that audio i/o wouldn't work. Am I
 > misunderstanding the function/purpose of the 'errors' box?

This is a "feature" of the Hammerfall driver, and doesn't mean you get
dac slips. 
What does that mean ?
Error reporting for the Hammerfall just doesn't work, so you have to
rely on your ears until this is fixed. Otherwise everything is ok.


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