Pure Data and Jmax patch portability

Linium intent at club-internet.fr
Thu Sep 21 14:07:02 CEST 2000

I understand that Bill Gray is really talking about patches not externals. (???)

Jmax and Pure Data have not the possibility to load each other patches.
But adaptation is quite possible.

In Jmax integers and floats are 2 types more differenciated. And
arithmetics operators gives int by default.  (?)
So check well in Jmax if your float datas havn't been casted in int, it can lead
to wrong results.
In PD everything is floats even if you can cast datas into integers.

Jmax seems to have more opcode to handle lists.
And there are some other data types emerging...
I don't know how you can handle that in PD. btw what are templates ?
Is there documentation or just example about them
(sublist/append/get/set/pointer and the like) ?

A detail that can makes you wonder why your patch don't work in Jmax :
You cannot connect 2 or more audio outlets at one inlet without the need
of a +~  In PD the summing is implicit and it gives somehow cleaner patches. 

Of course there are opcodes that don't exist in both. Especially if you
consider the externals libs, it's obvious. I use a lot the "state" opcode in
ggext pd external, it allows to make a snapshot of the values of the atoms.
There are no equivalent in Jmax yet.

It is a very little enumeration that i can do at my beginner level but sure, you
guys, are probably seeing a lot more of *deep* differences.


Le jeudi, 21 sep 2000, Nicolas Leveille a écrit :
> Quoting Bill Gray <grusic at crosswinds.net>:
> > Hi all,
> > 
> > First of all, thanks Miller for answering my last question.
> > 
> > Secondly, can patches created in PD and Jmax be ported back and forth
> > between the two programs without much of a problem?  If so, what are the
> > issues involved?
> > 
> > Thanks,
> > Bill Gray
> Have a look at the fiddle~ external, i think it's in the 'extra'
> subdirectory of the current tarball, it is a portable external,
> that one can compile for pd, max, jmax...
> (even if ...ugly spaghetti #ifdef code...)
> -Nicolas Léveillé

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