streaming audio via USB/SCSI/FireWire/...

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Thu Sep 28 16:00:53 CEST 2000

there are the streamin~/out~ objects in  both the zexy and
ggee(xt) xtrnls ...
i had to use them at this last performance because  i couldnt get the
soundcards on two compaq pc's to work, so i had to stream their output to my
laptop, mix and dac~-output it there.
the streamin~ from zexy was disabled thou .. in version 0.5 (+?) ..
anyhow, it basically worked although the streamin~ has got a few bugs, mainly
that it gets confsued what its actually receiving ..

i was streaming 4 channels (2 from each pc) to the main receiver, but all which
would arrive there were 3 channels max in whatever order i made the 'connect's

also, streamin~ likes to receive 'any' local signal ..
i.e. you put an 'osc~ 220' somewhere, DONT connect it to dac~, then place
a streamin~, connect it to dac~  and the sinewave should be there ..

i can see if/how its reproducible, but i ve had it a few times ..

so as soon as you manage to set up a tcp network over usb/firewire/ethernetz
this should work ..

 |  i'm aiming to connect two pcs via medium/wide-band ports (like SCSI,
 |    USB, FireWire or Ethernet) to  transmit real-time streaming audio from one pc to
 |     another, maybe from a sythesis-dedicated (running commercial and
 |     experimental software) to a hdr one (running typical hdr software). This could
 |     be easily achieved with common digital I/O soundcards, but *i
 |     think* there are many reason not for use them: they're too
 |     expensive , there may occur degradation (esp. if somebody tends to
 |     save money... ;), and it sounds me a kind of nonsense encoding a digital
 |     stream into a digital audio signal to encode it back again.
 |     i think of a "virtual device" that could be seen as a
 |     normal audio in/out from every application running under Windows,
 |     better if direct-x based.
 |     Is it possible to achieve that with pd objects?
 |     have you got any suggestion, or references?
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