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Nicola Bernardini nicb at
Sat Sep 30 12:36:18 CEST 2000

Dear Guenter,

Thursday, Guenter Geiger schrieb:

> =?ISO-8859-1?Q?=5F-=AF-=5F?= writes:
>  > also, streamin~ likes to receive 'any' local signal ..
>  > i.e. you put an 'osc~ 220' somewhere, DONT connect it to dac~, then place
>  > a streamin~, connect it to dac~  and the sinewave should be there ..
>  > 
>  > i can see if/how its reproducible, but i ve had it a few times ..
>  > 
> things should have improved in the last version :)
> I started to work on a system to tag the streams with timestamps, thats
> not finished though .. (I don't know yet how to resync them in the
> receiveing patch .. don't think that it's trivial)

this summer I had the chance to work with the streamin/streamout modules,
and was very impressed by your work. It's good to know you are improving
them, and I have a suggestion (or two):

1) can you deal with endianness problems too? :) this way, it would be
   possible to port these modules to other systems (yes I know - I am
   a linux-only person too - but still, I like to *talk* to other musicians
   even if they use impaired systems :)

2) can we sort of separate the protocol aspects from the networking
   layer vehicle (the network implementation) - this way, it should be
   able to implement clients/servers on different architectures

bravo again


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