building a mouse trap

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Mon Oct 2 01:33:47 CEST 2000

hi there,

since there has been some chatting about gui stuff recently, i thought i'd
mention something i've been thinking about a bit recently.

often i run into that situation where i'm dragging a number box, and i hit
the edge of the display, and i have to stop dragging, move the mouse back
to the number box and start dragging again. then i was thinking that it
would be grat if, while dragging on a number box (or maybe a new kind of
object) that the mouse got 'trapped' over the object, so that you could
keep scrolling an infinite distance in any direction without beng limited
by screen realestate.

i actually went out and got myself a trackball, hoping that i might be
able to impliment this feature, and i would even be able to eliminate the
inherent jerkiness off recentering the mouse when it reaches the edge of
the mousemat.

thenn .. (are you still with me?... this is getting kind of long) i was
thinking that it might also be useful to have this 'mouse trap' be able to
maintain two values simultaneously, for the vertical and horizontal
movement of the mouse. like the xy mouse reader objects in csound.

soanyhow, i was wondering if anyone had tried this, thought about it,
wouldf like it etc? i havent played withh externals much, and i'm not sure
if it's possible for an external to make the Xcalls that would be


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