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>  |On another topic, I've noticed that at least 5 people are interested in using
>  |Pd with alternative front ends...  I'm working now on command-line options
>  |to make this easier; I hope to put a "test" version (Linux only) out within a
>  |week.  Oh yes, new "data" stuff too...
> while on frontends, how about running pd + pd-gui on two different machines=?
> so that you can start pd -nogui bla.pd on for example remote machine,
> later connect to it comme ./mypdfrontend -host ..
> when you quit the frontend, the barebones pd just remians runnign, much like
> vnc ( works ..
> the tk interface already does (some of its) communication via local network with
> the pd-backend ?

Using the gui and pd on separate machines should be fairly easy - all of
the communication between the two is via standard tcp sockets.


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