umläute zmoelnig at
Mon Oct 2 18:49:48 CEST 2000

hi all; 

i'm trying to figure out anything and therefore have questions to reduce
my amount of reading code.

how can i create a secondary inlet in an external that eats "anything"s
the thing is, that you normally access "another" inlet via an
identifier: inlet_new(owner, pd, gensym(type), gensym(identifier));
this of course is useless with "anything", since the identifier is the
one thing that makes an atom_list into anything.
would it be possible, to create something like an "listinlet_new" or
"anythinginlet_new" ?

maybe it would be more intelligent to just make objects "any2list" and
"list2any" and then deal with simple lists ?

another similar topic::
miller, do you plan to add the "anything" method to the "trigger"-object
sometimes in the (near??) future ? it seems often quite annoying, when
being not able to deal with anythings anyhow.
but again that could be easily worked around with the "any2list" (yeah,
i'll do this NOW)


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