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Thu Oct 12 16:47:01 CEST 2000

Dear Miller and the wonderful list 
I have been off and on tweaking pd since i took the MSP class at UF last semester
While i admit i was more comfy with Csound
i would like to work more on pd
i would like any and all help getting the ggext libraries to work as well as Mark's wonderful GEM

i am using the dll's i got from martin and when i load pd i get 

error: envgen_sustain: only 5 arguments are typecheckable; use A_GIMM
GGEXT: Guenter Geiger
GGEXT: ver: 0.12
GGEXT: compiled: Jan 19 2000

is this proper?

and can Someone tell me the up to date versions i should have for W98
& Rh6.1
what number is pd at now??

cheers to all
btw-- i wrote a random midi and JI sine generator that is a portion of the feature drone of a hybrid performance@ Microthon in NYC
this november
pd listers in the Area   come out to show dem!!

Pat Pagano, Director
South East Just Intonation Society
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