streamin~ /streamout~

Guenter Geiger geiger at
Fri Oct 13 18:25:40 CEST 2000

we have a 10 Mbit here and it works without a problem. Of course this
depends on your traffic on the LAN, switches might be better than hubs.

The other thing is, that I am only working with windows if I'm forced
too, ... so I havn't tested the latest objects on windows at all.
Now, I have a reason to do so.

tmpbuf isn't here for buffering, buffering is actually done by the
network driver.

It may be a problem with the cards you are using, I will investigate,
though my connection can only be Windows->Linux and vice versa, as I
only have 1 windows pc

Anyone else with streamin/out experience on windows ?


s_medge writes:
 > hi
 > i thought two 100Mbit-(LAN)-cards could manage a stream-transfer of 44.1 KHz!?
 > but they are too slow. computer-speed-problem or connection-speed?
 > is there a possibility to buffer the data?
 > what is tempbuf?
 > and: i sometimes have problems when closing a window containing a streamin~-object. pd hangs up...
 > (Win95).
 >  if there is a possibility to handle those problems, please help me, thank you.
 > mariu

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