error when starting pd

Guenter Geiger geiger at
Mon Oct 16 12:30:21 CEST 2000

Miller Puckette writes:
 > I think Pd ought to have worked with TK8.3 with no problem... it's just
 > that the compiled program in teh release looks for 8.0...  it should have
 > been possible to replace 8.0 with 8.3 in the makefile and recompile.
 > However, I don't know how I can release a Pd binary that works on all
 > reasonable linux platforms if the name of the library keeps changing!
 > any ideas???  I may have to start making binary-less releases and make
 > everyone do the ./configure dance, but I'd really like to avoid this.

Funny thing about the tcl/tk guys is, that they change the library
name for each minor release. This is bad practice.

I am using a configure script to detect tcl/tk libraries, 
this could be included into the release for those who have to 


PS: Don't tell me that configure can be a pain too, I know it.

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