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umläute zmoelnig at
Mon Oct 16 13:41:49 CEST 2000

dieter wrote:
> hi!
> i have similar troubles with streamin~/streamout~ (linux).
> when i try to get more than 4 streams (22khz 16bit) in both directions over
> a 100mbit direct connection  with x-over cable, the streams have drop-outs.
> it seems to me as if the upd-traffic is much bigger than the actual data
> would be.
> any ideas - maybe guenther?
> thanks
> >hi
> >i thought two 100Mbit-(LAN)-cards could manage a stream-transfer of 44.1
> KHz!?
> >but they are too slow. computer-speed-problem or connection-speed?
> >is there a possibility to buffer the data?
> >what is tempbuf?
> >mariu
> >

i think, one of the major problems is the tiny block-size of the data
maybe it would help to send bigger chunks (dunno: 8kb instead of 128b ?)
to reduce any protocol-overhead ?


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