C++ wrapper for extern development

Jarno Seppanen jams at cs.tut.fi
Sat Nov 4 11:05:09 CET 2000

Karl MacMillan <karlmac at peabody.jhu.edu> writes:

> you and you just fill in the functions.  More interesting would be to get
> it to generate all of the boiler plate code for PD, Max/MSP, and
> jMax (along the lines of fiddle)!  Any thoughts?

Now THAT is a great idea; consider writing and debugging objects only once and
plugging them in all of the above programs!

I disagree about having to have a multitude of base classes for all
combinations of numbers of inlets and outlets; it would IMHO be simpler just
to have one pure virtual base class and let the derived classes specify the
types and numbers of in- and outlets in the constructor.

Now if only someone would write such a beast... :)

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