PD symbols with funny characters

Andrew Archibald archibal at scylla.math.mcgill.ca
Sun Dec 3 08:34:54 CET 2000


I have installed plugin~[1] (for loading LADSPA[2] plugins) and the CMT[3] 
(a collection of LADSPA plugins), and am attempting to use the syndrum
plugin (as a test).  Unfortunately, this plugin has control inputs
named "Frequency (Hz)" and "Frequency Ratio".  This is a problem since
the way plugin~ works is to expect messages of type "control" sent to
its input, where the first argument is the name and the second is the
number.  So, to get to my question:

Can I, in PD, construct symbols that have spaces in them?  For
example, can I construct a message whose fields are "control",
"Frequency (Hz)", and "7"?

Further details: plugin~ does a case-insensitive comparison, and it
only compares as many letters as the minimum of the lengths, so I can
specify "frequency" and it finds something; but I can't specify both
"fequency ratio" and "frequency (hz)". 

I have checked and the symbol boxes available in PD accept tabs but
not spaces or carriage returns.  What will break if they allow spaces
too?  Do symbol boxes forget their values, as number boxes do?

Andrew Archibald

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