tcp to netreceive

Miller Puckette mpuckett at
Tue Dec 5 03:06:20 CET 2000

DO IT!! this is exactly what I'm hoping the netsend~/netreceive~ objects
will encourage!

So, make it "foo 49;" -- it's the semicolon that terminates a message.  It
would be good to put a "\n" character at the end so that it looks better
when you print the stream out.

As to getting a return value, netsend~ doesn't wait for a response; you
have to handle that by "netreceive~" -ing a return code.


On Mon, Dec 04, 2000 at 07:02:23PM -0500, Dan Neveu wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm essentially a c++ novice, so bare with me. I'm currently learning OpenGL
> on linux and would like to stream data to and from Pd. I'm aware of GEM, but
> would like to have the possibility of collaborating with those OpenGL
> programmers whom have no intention of learning Pd. There's also the
> possibility of incorporating it into a 3D Cave project being conducted by
> the media studies department here.
> I'm trying to utilize this class which I found (libtcp++) in order to
> provide tcp client capabilities to my GL code:
> For now, I'm mainly determined to get the OpenGL-to-Pd connection working.
> So far, I've succeeded in creating the libtcp build, importing and
> instantiating a tcp_client object, and establishing a connection with Pd
> (netreceive outputs "1" upon execution of the graphic app). But I haven't
> figured out  how to format the data in order for it to be received.
> The tcp_client send fuction is as follows:
> int TcpClient::send(char* data, int num_bytes)
> {
>   return write(socket_fd, data, num_bytes);
> }
> ----------------
> My call to 'send' is:
> net->send(data, sizeof(data)); //net is my instantiated tcp object
> based on this, I had to convert number data from the GL code to string
> before passing it. I tried both passing the data string alone (e.g. "49")
> as well as concatenating it with a name to be recognized by a Pd receive
> object (e.g. "foo 49").
> What has to be reformatted in order for this to work?
> Thanks,
> Dan

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