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Karl MacMillan karlmac at
Tue Dec 5 19:04:50 CET 2000


I know you have been looking for a way to turn off float denormalization
on intel chips for a while and this appeared on the linux audio
development list the other day:

  #include <fpu_control.h> #endif #ifdef HAVE_FPU_CONTROL_H
  #if __GLIBC_MINOR__ < 1
    /* in linux there's <fpu_control.h> with __setfpucw which Clisp calls
as __setfpucw(_FPU_IEEE); */
    /* this appears to be useful in getting rid of idiotic NaN's */
    #ifndef __alpha__
      int __fpu_ieee = _FPU_IEEE;
      /* this bugfix thanks to Paul Barton-Davis */
      int __fpu_ieee = 0;

I think this is from snd.


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